Cici Zhong

Cici Zhong

Class of 2023

Prior to Ross, I spent five years working for Cummins in its supply chain function, where I took various roles in materials planning, demand forecasting, and advanced analytics. I had the opportunity to spend 1.5 years in the Singapore office, where I began to understand the complexity involved in global supply chain and became obsessed with the synchronization that is required to have different components of supply chain coordinate with each other. I decided to pursue an MBA because I want to pivot into operations / supply chain consulting, which would give me exposure to supply chains across various industries. I was overwhelmed by the genuine support that I received from the student ambassador and alums when I was an applicant, and that collaborative culture is what made me choose to become a Rosser.

Undergraduate Education

Ohio State University

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Student ambassador
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Undergraduate Major
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Prior Industry
Operations/Supply Chain Management