Chu-Hao Yu

Chu-Hao Yu

Class of 2021

Hi, my name is Jacob. Technology has always been a passion for me since I was little. After graduating from undergrad, I followed my passion and joined HTC, a smartphone company.My focus was VR technology. While working in HTC in a marketing role, I built a customer-centric mindset by managing hundreds of consumer events. I also launched the company's online forum product to further engage with fans, analyze customer preferences and improve our product user experience. Later in my career, I took a Corp. PR Manager role, that allowed me to see the company's business from a broader perspective and have more opportunities to work across more functions and regions. While I was interested in a product management role, I noticed that there were some skill sets I needed to further develop. Therefore, I decided to pursue an MBA in order to make the transition. Feel free to reach out if you have an interest in technology.

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Tamkang University

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