Christina Weiberg

Christina Weiberg

Class of 2022

After 8 years split between the NGO and technology spaces, I knew I needed an educational experience to tie together all of the people skills and business acumen I had developed, while also strengthening my quantitative skills to move into leadership roles. After debating between a variety of graduate degrees, I realized that an MBA would be the best option for leveraging key business metrics while also having a myriad of career opportunities and outcomes available. It still makes me laugh that I ended up at Ross because when I started researching MBA programs I was focused on getting out of the Midwest. Having grown up and spent most of my life in Minnesota, I wanted to try a different culture and experience. But the Ross community drew me in and proved that this place was where I wanted to be! I visited and knew I had found a community where I could truly bring my full self to campus while being surrounded by successful, down-to-earth people. After all is said and done, I found out that my grandfather completed part of his graduate degree here many, many years ago, and it feels like it was all meant to be to end up here! As a LatinX woman who has lived and worked around the world, it is vital for me to feel understood and seen because there are so few Latinas represented in business leadership within the US. Particularly in this cultural context, I knew I would need the backing of a strong community to continue moving forward in being part of the changes our country needs. Ross is all of that and more. My fiance has been graciously welcomed, despite being long-distance, my pup always has friends to make and squirrels to chase, and I've loved getting to walk around Ann Arbor in any direction knowing that my friends are just a few steps away and always ready to grab coffee. My first month in Ann Arbor and first few weeks of school have truly been a dream so far, despite all of the pandemic crazy, and I can't wait to welcome more people to the community!

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