Cesar Venegas

Cesar Venegas

Class of 2021

I am a second-year MBA from Chile. In my career, I have worked in corporate finance and business analytics using internal and external data to provide insights to make better decisions in the Retail and Energy industries. As my career progressed, I felt the need to combine Strategy, with my Finance and Analytics knowledge, so I decided to do an MBA that allows me to do that. Ross MBA not only allows me to combine these three areas, but also provides plenty of action learning opportunities, collaborative people, and leadership development opportunities. On top of that, living in Ann Arbor with family, including two kids under 3 years, is an amazing experience. If you want to talk about doing an MBA with family, career opportunities, Ross culture, and more reach out to me.

Undergraduate Education

Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso

Areas of Interest

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Business Administration
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Finance-Corporate Finance