Brian Schwartz

Brian Schwartz

Class of 2020

Upon graduating from Penn State in 2015 with a degree in Supply Chain, I started working for a major auto manufacturer in southeast Michigan. After a year and a half as a supply chain analyst, I made a jump over to vehicle manufacturing and was relocated to metro-Nashville. Since completing this role, I have transitioned back to Michigan working as an engineer launching two new vehicles. My time in the auto industry has given me a high-level understanding of the complex supply chain and internal operations for vehicle manufacturing.

As my career pivoted away from core business functions and into more operations-based assignments, I felt a strong pull towards re-exploring my passion for business. Gaining an MBA from Michigan Ross via the Weekend MBA program was a fantastic bridge that allowed me to both build my professional experiences and gain an entirely new set of skills simultaneously. Attending a cohort style program has allowed me to build lifelong friendships with some of the most talented people I have ever met. Using the knowledge and skills I have acquired  in this program will allow me to make strides towards my ultimate professional goals. 


Undergraduate Education

Penn State University

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Supply Chain & Information Systems
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Manufacturing, Auto Industry