Ben Lopez

Ben Lopez

Class of 2024

A SoCal guy at heart, I was born and raised in San Diego before graduating from UCLA with a degree in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics. Upon graduating, I returned to San Diego and bounced around the biotech and biopharma industry through a couple of R&D and Process Development laboratory scientist roles. After 7+ years in the industry, I wanted to expand my reach within healthcare yet explore options outside of the laboratory, which is why I decided to pursue an MBA. I knew Ross was going to be the best place to get me to my career goals through the action-based approach to learning, strong career development resources and most importantly, supportive student body. I would love to discuss making the pivot from a hard science/technical background into business, post-MBA careers in healthcare, moving to the Midwest from the west coast or how to make a killer tiki cocktail!

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University of California Los Angeles

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