Ben Lau

Ben Lau

Class of 2025

Hi, my name is Benson Lau, call me Ben. I grew up both in Singapore and Sydney, Australia. I studied Finance at the University of Technology, Sydney and after graduation worked in financial services around remittance services, specialising in AML & KYC compliance. After which I founded a software development company (mobile applications) and grew that for 7 years growing to 60 staff and recently transitioned back to SaaS technology companies in alliances and partnerships (AWS + OutSystems). Fun Facts: I enjoy car modifications and go-karting, used to run an online community of 300,000 people around Japanese car tuning. Also served in Civil Defence for 2 years as part of the National Service in Singapore and am still serving in the reserves.

As someone who is entrepreneurial and based in Asia, I have found the experience of the Ross OMBA to be fantastic and the culture of people to be forthcoming. And would be more than happy to speak with anyone who wants to understand more about the “Go Blue” culture. Feel free to reach out.

Undergraduate Education

University of Technology, Sydney

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Student ambassador
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Finance & IT