Class of 2022

Career Interest: Business, Finance and Technology

Dual Degree: Computer Science through LSA

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

My purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives! I’m currently a senior and a dual-degree BBA/LSA-Computer Science student with a passion for identifying and solving problems. I discovered the Ross School of Business through an outreach program and was instantly drawn in by its driven, dedicated students and motivating atmosphere. As a student at Ross, I have been continually amazed by its emphasis on personal development to become impactful, positive leaders in business. Outside of class, you can most likely find me playing Animal Crossing on my Nintendo Switch, watching NBC’s “The Office,” or out on a local golf course!

What Spotify playlist are you most likely to be listening to? “All Out 00s”

Current Campus Involvement: College Access and Success Ambassador through Center for Educational Outreach, NOiR Runway Fashion Finance Chair, IDO Peer Facilitator, Ross Undergraduate Student Advisory Board Representative, MREACH Staff, ASC Coach, Outreach Ambassador

Past Involvement: BA 100 Peer Coach, Michigan Community Scholars Program Member, Ross Summer Connection Participant, MREACH Participant, National Women’s Case Competition, National Diversity Case Competition


Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Student ambassador