Austin Clowes

Austin Clowes

Class of 2022

I started my career with the world’s leading environmental think-tank, helping companies become more sustainable while also increasing profitability. While in that role, I worked on sustainable timber sourcing in the guitar industry and on reducing global food loss and waste. I am currently laser-focused on scaling emerging food technologies (e.g., plant-based and lab-grown meats), and I am committed to advancing innovations in the food industry that grow profits, improve health, and benefit the environment. Specifically, I manage a grant portfolio that accelerates open-access research on alternative proteins and drives the industry forward.

The WMBA program at Ross allows me to continue growing in my current role while also giving me the tools I will need for long-term success. The accelerated pace, strong cohort, and action-based learning ensure that I continue to expand my business knowledge, and I am encouraged to bring lessons from class into my daily work (and vice versa!).

Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to talk about pursuing your MBA, the WMBA program, sustainability, or guitars! GO BLUE!

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Macalester College

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