Ashruth Easwar

Ashruth Easwar

Class of 2021

I began my career in finance for a biopharmaceutical company that entered a hypergrowth phase, growing by 6,500 employees and $50Bn in market cap in 5 years. Although I got to be a a valuable contributor to high profile tasks, I found myself volunteering my personal time to tackle assignments that improved the health and wellness of my colleagues. After creating the company's well-being program on my free time and growing it to be a core value of our identity, I was unanimously appointed by the board of directors and owners as the sole well-being specialist to over 5,000 employees. Through this experience I came to realize that my passion is in human capital, and wanting to further this track, I sought an MBA at Ross so I could learn and pursue a career in human capital consulting.

Undergraduate Education

University of Texas at Austin

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Student ambassador
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Human Resources
Finance-Corporate Finance