Ashraf Darwish

Ashraf Darwish

Class of 2018

For the past few years, I have worked as a Risk Analyst for Masco Corporation where I get to exercise my need for constant learning, satisfy my curious nature, and practice my passion for process improvement. As a Risk Analyst, I am exposed to almost all sides of business operations because our department places the company's insurance policies. While GEICO only takes 15 minutes, commercial coverage takes a bit longer and is a little more complex, requiring enterprise-wide knowledge. Prior to this role, I held various positions over 8 years from installation to management in telecommunications companies that installed fiber optic, cable TV and PC cabling from underground conduits to telephone poles and everywhere in-between.

I had considered pursuing a MBA for a couple years but as I met and worked with more senior leaders of our businesses, I saw the criticality of the knowledge and tools it gave its recipients. That is when I started to look hard at schools and programs and realized how special the Michigan Weekend MBA program really was. The opportunity to continue my professional career was very important in my decision. In addition, the program was cohort-based which led to great friendships and relationships I do not think would have occurred in another setting. Add to those, full recruiting access for the part time program and what you get is a truly unique and world-class experience for students. It is hard work, but you already know that. What I can tell you is I have never been more challenged but also have never felt so gratified!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and I look forward to having another member of the alumni family, Go Blue!

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