Arielle Walters

Arielle Walters

Class of 2019

I am a 2018, University of Michigan undergraduate alumni, where I earned my degree in psychology and financial mathematics. After graduation, I went on to the Masters of Management program (Class of 2019) and further developed my business acumen. Throughout my time in the MM program, I became interested in the field of marketing and ultimately took on a role as a marketing analyst post-graduation.

The MM program equipped me with the foundation to excel in my current marketing position and offered me opportunities to put that foundational knowledge into practice prior to obtaining my job. Currently, I work for an E-commerce company where I combine the foundational knowledge I gained from the program with real-time market data to make decisions on marketing strategy and budget allocation.

If you are interested in learning more about the MM program, I am always happy to meet or set up a phone call, feel free to reach out!

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University of Michigan

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