Ari Arowoile

Ari Arowoile

Class of 2022

I’m passionate about helping people grow toward their potential; be it as a recreational soccer coach and mentor in my previous life in New York or in my previous career as Internet Operations Manager at a manufacturer in Long Island. This love for improvement extends to organizations as well. Encouraged by the growth and transformation we experienced at my previous company, I want to help other organizations improve and weather the tough challenges of today’s uncertain business environment as a management consultant after Ross. I realized early on that most of the top schools including Ross have similar placement rates in consulting and success depends largely on the individual, so I picked Ross for the community, which I knew is a warm and supporting one. In today’s uncertain world, community matters more than ever. On the topic of community, I’m always excited to talk about Nigeria where I was born and raised, and also about the entrepreneur community here at Ross, the African Business Club, soccer in Ann Arbor and Consortium.

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State University of New York at Binghamton

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