Anna Lam

Anna Lam

Class of 2023

I am in my last year of my dual degree with Business and Urban Planning. I’m all about bridging divides between people, systems, and organizations by employing empathy, community-centered design, and technical expertise. I have worked in nonprofits, local government, and affordable housing real estate development. During my time here at Ross, I have been able to explore venture capital, impact investing, community development finance, and public sector consulting. Unintentionally, I have also become a Planning & Design Consultant (

I’m dedicating my last year to more experiences in human-centered design, international work, and developing my own art. In my free time, I love arts and crafts, late night drives, hiking, lots of music, lots of food, and lots of chilling. Feel free to ask me about any of the above or about why I love Ross so much!

Undergraduate Education

University of California Davis

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