Amirah Aziz

Amirah Aziz

Class of 2021

Following my dreams of social impact and public service, I entered Federal Government and served for both the Obama and Trump Administrations. One of President Obama's key initiatives was for the government to focus on social innovation and strategize best practices to invest in modernized technology. While I didn't have a technical background, I knew this was an initiative I needed to help pioneer because I saw the impact tech had on the country. Fast forward a few years, I kept finding myself in business decision making roles without a formal business background. So I applied to business school and found myself pursuing my MBA at Ross. I was attracted to Ross's commitment to diversity, as being a Muslim-American woman this was very important to me. I also appreciated Ross's attention to digital solutions and emerging markets. Coming into Ross, I had a pretty good idea of the type of work I wanted to pursue long term in my career and I knew Ross would help me make that pivot into digital design consulting at a global scale. Ross initially made me feel uncomfortable - I was unfamiliar with the action based learning styles and group models.Not to mention, being in the Midwest was entirely new. However, I quickly learned business school is meant to be a time for us to get uncomfortable and navigate deep out of our comfort zones. My goal at Ross has been simple - I am intent on growing as a leader and individual and there was no other school where I could have experienced such huge scales of growth in such a short period of time.

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George Mason Univ

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