Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball

Class of 2019

My journey to business school has probably been a little unorthodox, and yet the idea of pursuing an MBA has been a goal of mine since early on in my undergraduate career. I went to Haverford College, a small liberal arts school that emphasizes intellectual curiosity, social justice, and a community built on trust. It was my first glimpse into a reality where business and social welfare didn't have to be mutually exclusive. After graduation, I worked as a business analyst and project manager in the world of software development for a handful of years, with exposure to a variety of industries including HR, insurance, e-commerce and education. My most formative years were spent at eBay Enterprise, where I had the opportunity to work directly with some of the world's largest e-commerce businesses to both launch and grow their digital webstores. In 2015, I decided to pivot from software to strategy by becoming an analyst at ForeSee; I work primarily with department stores to analyze data and provide detailed, actionable business solutions based on each organization’s unique KPIs and critical business problems. I've been lucky enough to interact with a lot of cool brands over the years in my various roles, but in today's economy brand cache is often not enough, and the consequences for missteps are steep. That is why I ultimately applied to Ross -- I want to be a better partner to my clients, and a thought leader in the retail industry who inspires businesses to make smart but socially responsible decisions. The program's emphasis on positive business practices and developing collaborative, innovative leaders is exactly what I was looking for in an MBA program to take my career to that next level.

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