Class of 2022

Hometown: Long Island, New York 

Hi everyone! I am currently a BBA sophomore with an intended minor in Digital Studies. I’m looking to go into Consulting because I love working in teams and am passionate about helping others solve problems. I was extremely nervous to come to such a big university but after stepping into The Winter Garden, the heart of The Ross School of Business, I knew the atmosphere was something I wanted to be a part of and that this was an opportunity I could not turn down. Ross has given me a tight knit community within the university that has allowed me to get involved and explore my interests, academically, socially and professionally.

On campus I am a vice president of my professional business fraternity as well as my social sorority. I also work as a BA100 Peer Coach. BA100 is the first class you get to take here at Ross. It is a transitional course that introduces you to the school, business concepts and working in teams. As a Peer Coach I am assigned to a small group of first-year students and act as a mentor and go-to for any questions that may arise. I love meeting with the first-year students and getting to talk about their classes, dorm-life and new friends here at Michigan.

This summer, I will be interning in Sydney Australia through the Ross Global Internship program. I am so excited to travel, explore new cultures and learn about international business through hands on work experience.

I’m so happy you are interested in The Ross School of Business! It truly is the best place to learn and grow. Deciding to study business at The University of Michigan was the greatest decision I have ever made, and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. Reach out if you have any questions and as always, Go Blue! 

Current Campus Involvement: Phi Beta Lambda Professional Business Fraternity, BA100 Peer Coach, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority 

Past Involvement:

Clubs and Organizations: Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Delta Pi, Michigan Business Women

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Student ambassador