Alexandra Siciliano

Alexandra Siciliano

Class of 2020

After 6 years of working in packaging research & development within the food industry, I decided to come to Ross and pivot my career into marketing and strategy. I have always had a passion for understanding how consumers think and act, and am excited to pursue a career in leveraging meaningful consumer insights to guide new ventures and products within a company. Ross appealed most to me because of it's focus on building and expanding a robust catalog of action-based learning opportunities, as well as the passionate and supportive community I encountered throughout the recruiting process. This felt like an environment that would push me to achieve high reaching goals, while providing any encouragement and support needed at every step of the way - and this has definitely proven to be true so far. Outside of classes and clubs, I have loved exploring Ann Arbor and meeting the incredibly interesting and diverse class of students I am a part of. As an MBA2 I look forward to continuing to expand my business skill set and understanding of the marketing function through a variety of elective classes, engage in new action-based learning opportunities (such as LBLE), stretch my leadership skills as an executive board member of clubs, and strengthen bonds with my classmates to create a genuine network I can carry with me for the rest of my career. I also look forward to sharing everything that's great about my home state of Michigan with my classmates.

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Michigan State University

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Student ambassador
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Engineering Materials
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Operations/Supply Chain Management