Alexander Duncan

Alexander Duncan

Class of 2020

I spent the first 7 years of my career in the Navy and on submarines. I am convinced I had the opportunity to work with the brightest and hardest working people in the Navy. The best part of my time in the Navy was working with my sailors who constantly surprised and challenged me and getting to drive a nuclear warship into complex foreign ports. While working in a shipyard environment with civilian engineers and contractors, I realized my passion was not just leading my teams, but also for business. I transitioned out of the Navy and worked for 1 year in a new product development role at a medical device company. That opportunity only served to further inspire me to learn more facets of business, which brought me to Ross. I chose to come to Ross because it was the right fit for me. The people I met at Ross were passionate about the school and everything the school has to offer. I really got the sense that people at Ross were not only smart and hardworking, but also very collaborative. These were qualities I looked for when choosing business schools.

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United States Naval Academy

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