Akshay Rukadikar

Akshay Rukadikar

Class of 2024

Hello, I'm Akshay! I am an WMBA candidate at the University of Michigan-Ross School of Business. I am also working with Ford Motor Company as a Data Privacy & Governance Lead and helping Ford with efficient data governance strategies.

I completed my undergrad in Computer Science and I moved to NJ to pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science. After working for a couple of small IT firms in Manhattan, I joined Ford's analytics division. While I was bolstering my technical experience at Ford, I recognized a dire need to integrate these skills with a business and leadership background. Hence, I decided to pursue an MBA to gain business perspective and enhance my leadership ability.

My strengths are communication, organization, optimism, teamwork with a small drizzle of humor. My journey at Ross so far has been wonderful with immense bombardment of managing and business knowledge. It also gives me the opportunity to network outside of work and have a healthy competition amongst my intellectual peers. I love to pursue my passion for music, movies and outdoor activities in my free time. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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University of Pune, India

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Student ambassador
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Computer Science