Aaron Avila

Aaron Avila

Class of 2018

Before starting the Weekend MBA program at Ross, I held several positions in the consumer packaging development industry as both an engineer and project manager. In these positions I developed my passion for understanding consumer needs and delivering improved consumer experiences. I realized that to get closer to consumers and be in a position to drive business growth I would need to broaden my understanding of business functions and develop my marketing skill set. I chose to pursue my MBA through the Ross Weekend program so that I could continue working and applying learnings in real time with an end goal of becoming a skilled marketer in the consumer packaged goods industry.

I am currently in a Brand Management role for Nature's Way (Minneapolis, MN) focusing my efforts on our eCommerce channels and holistic media management for our Cold & Flu portfolio of brands. This wouldn’t be possible without the knowledge, experiences, and network I gained while attending Ross.

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University of Michigan

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