Living Business Leadership Experience

In a new Ross course, students navigate the ambiguity of running a real-world business.

20 Questions: Rachel Gutierrez

Getting to know Rachel Gutierrez, BBA ’08, the founder of natural drink company Bom Dia Brands.

First Person: Dan Friedman, BBA ’12

Tall Order cofounder Dan Friedman, BBA ’12, describes how he turned a family tragedy into a business that gives back.
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Changing the Future of Flight

Sara Jones, MBA ’10, was one of the first people named to work on Boeing’s ambitious HorizonX project.
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Connecting Local Farmers with Customers

Alumni Bill Brinkerhoff and Kathy Sample, MBAs ’89, are helping to reinvent food shopping.
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Michigan Ross Exceeds $400 Million Capital Campaign Goal

16,000 donors and counting help Michigan Ross exceed $400 million capital campaign goal.
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Michigan Ross Announces Part-Time MBA: Online

New program aims to drive innovation in business school education.
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We Are Michigan Ross and Our Programs Are Among The Best in the World

The start of a new school year brings with it hope and optimism for the future, while also inviting us to look back, reflect on our successes and lessons learned, and chart our path forward.
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Getting the Lead Out: Data Science and Flint Water

Professor Eric Schwartz leads effort to predict which homes are more likely to have water service lines made of lead.
Man considering franchise optiions
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Independent Businesses Measure Up Against Franchises

Research by Professor Francine Lafontaine and colleagues finds that franchising is just as risky as independent ownership.