Yee Chen

MBA '15
Director of Product - Growth
Reddit, Inc.

Career Background

Yee joined Reddit in 2018 as Growth Product Manager overseeing new user retention, inbound user traffic, and virality. Since then, he has launched a number of features to revamp the signup and onboarding flows, and helped convert millions of users onto the Reddit platform. He is currently the Director of Product for the Growth organization, which covers User Guest experience, Retention, SEO, Push Notifications, and Email systems.

Prior to Reddit, Yee was Lead Product Manager for Words With Friends at Zynga, managing the Growth Team and spearheading the launch of Words With Friends 2 - coordinating efforts between marketing, user acquisition, finance, product, and executive teams. In addition, Yee also shaped the most successful matchmaking system for the game, driving engagement to all-time highs.

Yee received his MBA from the Ross School of Business in 2015, where he was a VC Fellow for the Wolverine Venture Fund and guitarist/bassist for Risky Business Rock Band. Yee graduated from UCLA with a BA and BS in Economics and Mechanical Engineering.