Stephanie Osborn

MBA '11
Brand Manager for Gillette On Demand
Procter & Gamble

Career Background

Stephanie Osborn is the Brand Manager for Gillette On Demand, Gillette’s Direct to Consumer service.  She has been at Procter & Gamble for seven years, working across Dawn Dish Soap, Fabric Care, and Gillette NA.  As an Assistant Brand Manager on Dawn, Stephanie led work on the Dawn Wildlife campaign, dish soap innovation launches, and strategic revenue management projects.  While a Brand Manager in Fabric Care, Stephanie worked on media planning and optimization for some of their biggest brands (Tide, Gain, Downy).  At Gillette, Stephanie has led the NA communication plan including creative development and media execution, as well as brand trial activities and holiday.  Stephanie is now the marketing lead for all aspects of Gillette’s Direct to Consumer platform.

Before Ross, Stephanie worked in education.  She started her career by teaching at an international school in Cyprus, working with students in art, English, and Spanish classes.  Upon returning to the US, Stephanie completed an MA in English Literature at the University of Virginia before working at a small tutoring company in the Washington, DC area.  Stephanie transitioned from teaching students to running the sales, marketing, and training activities for three office branches.  This move into business triggered Stephanie’s pursuit of an MBA and subsequent time at Ross.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys reading, traveling, and hiking.  She lives in Boston with her husband, son, dog, and cat.  Stephanie loves returning to Ann Arbor and hopes that everyone appreciates time in such a wonderful place.