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Our wide breadth of global student experiences, impactful faculty research, partnerships with top international schools, expansive alumni network, and worldwide executive education programs have made Michigan Ross a leader in global business education.

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Global Student Experiences

Students can choose from a wide range of international opportunities to expand their network and enhance their degree.

Undergraduate Opportunities
Graduate Opportunities

Degree Programs

Students in our Global MBA Program and Master of Management-Shanghai Cohort complete portions of their coursework in Asia as they study leading global business concepts.

Global MBA Program
Master of Management-Shanghai Cohort

The Global Practicum course in Chile has permanently shifted my perspective of both business and the world itself. Jacob Gordon, BBA '16

Executive Education

We deliver transformative learning experiences to executives from more than 75 countries each year and offer open enrollment programs in Ann Arbor, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Kuala Lumpur.

Executive Education

The global and industry representation [in the Advanced Human Resource Executive Program] was incredible. CHERYL BOURN, ATTENDED EXECUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM


Ross' high level of international engagement in key countries such as India enables us to provide exceptional student learning experiences, faculty scholarship, executive education, and alumni and corporate outreach. 

India Initiatives
C.K. Prahalad Initiative 
China Initiatives

I learned a lot professionally through my internship while fully taking in all that Australia had to offer. Claudia Lynn, BBA '16

Alumni Engagement

Ross has more than 45,000 living alumni in 90 countries who represent every major business and industry.

Alumni Clubs

Faculty and Research

Michigan Ross faculty travel the world to conduct groundbreaking, yet practical research spanning a multitude of business topics.

Michigan Ross Faculty

Centers and Institutes

Ross centers and institutes adopt a boundaryless, collaborative approach to address global issues in a specific functional area or geographic location.

Tauber Institute for Global Operations
Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise
East Asia Management Development Center
William Davidson Institute

Ross Around the Globe

Student Voices

We Can Learn Important Lessons About Entrepreneurship From... Finland?

By Kevin Ramso, BBA ʼ17 Let’s be honest, you don’t know much about Finland. When asked about Finland, most Americans would probably respond with “cold and snowy Nordic country” or more likely “some European nation.” Finland is a truly foreign country to most Americans — their culture, their...
Ross News Blog

Ross Students Are On Their Way To 73 Companies Across The World To Help Solve Real Business Challenges

This week, 407 Full-Time Ross MBAs will start work on a series of projects tackling real-life business challenges for 73 corporations and nonprofit organizations. The Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course...
Student Voices

Is Pursuing Business and Sustainability Too Idealistic?

By Sushmita Mukherjee, BBA ʼ17 Ever since I was young and first expressed an interest in the environment, I was told I was too idealistic. “Life will get in the way,” friends and family said, sharing strong doubts that I would be able to pursue a career in the field. As I grew older, this narrative...