At Michigan Ross, we believe in learning and discovery, independent thinking, mutual respect, and individual responsibility and opportunity for all people.

To make this a reality, we foster a diverse and inclusive community of learners — where people from different backgrounds come together, listen, discuss, and learn from each other. In fact, this strong sense of community is something we’re known for. Whether it’s an Out For Business event, Diwali, Latin Vibes, Women in Leadership conference or VETx talk, the Ross community shows up to support and celebrate its fellow members in many different ways.

BBA Student Resources 

Outreach Programs

Set yourself up for success by applying to one of our outreach programs for minority and underrepresented students, like LEAD and MREACH.

Identity and Diversity in Organizations (IDO) Requirement

The important themes of identity and diversity in organizations won’t just be something you hear about; they’ll be an active part of your academic experience. Each year you’ll think critically about these topics by attending an engaging IDO event and writing a reflection paper about how the experience shaped your views.

For DEI-related questions/inquiries, please contact the following:

Taryn Petryk/Carolyn Yoon:

MBA DEI Committee (VP of DEI and Inclusion Chairs):

BBA DEI Committee​:

Accessibility Officer/Information: Katy Reeves serves as Michigan Ross’ Accommodations Coordinator. For more information, please email Katy at