Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Michigan Ross.

Our Pledge

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through our teaching, research, and engagement. The values of DEI enrich the learning process, lead to greater innovation, and help achieve our mission to build a better world through business. We pledge our commitment to fight discrimination, racism, bias, and prejudice. Together, as faculty, staff, students, alumni, and business partners, we can continue to create an inclusive community, working collaboratively to promote equity and justice.

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Commitment to Action

Recent times have shined a light on persistent social and racial injustices in society, leading us to reinforce our values with the Ross Commitment to Action. To support anti-racism and live up to our shared responsibilities in business and education, the Black Business Student Association and Michigan Ross community came together in June 2020 to establish the Ross Commitment to Action. It identifies specific actions that we can take to foster a more equitable community at Michigan Ross and beyond.

Commitment to Action Progress Report

Significant progress to date Some progress to date Ongoing


  • Diversify Ross Leadership Team
  • Create Dean's Council for DEI

Teaching and Learning

  • Create DEI Curriculum Taskforce
  • Create DEI Curriculum Courses
  • Create Speaker Series On Race in Business
  • Partner with Minority-owned Businesses
  • Expand Inclusive Teaching Programs

People Practices

  • Require DEI Training for Job Searches
  • Evaluate Faculty DEI Performance
  • Expand Unconscious Bias Training

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Expand Support for Diverse Students
  • Diversify Next Generation of Faculty

School Operations

  • Diversify Supply Chain
Diversity Thought Leadership

Leaders in Thought 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in business is an important focus of thought leadership at Michigan Ross. Learn more about our community's commitment to researching, developing, and sharing impactful knowledge about DEI in business, including research authored by Michigan Ross faculty.

Thought Leadership

Advancing Our Efforts

Michigan Ross launched a five-year DEI strategic plan in 2015 to expand the school’s DEI efforts beyond the guidance and initiatives of the greater university. The goal of the plan was to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. This was only the beginning of our efforts to encourage a cohesive culture where every voice counts. We are always committed to learning, evolving, and creating real and lasting change. Annual updates to our strategic plan are posted here as they become available.

Program Diversity Highlights

Michigan Ross believes in learning and discovery, independent thinking, mutual respect, and individual responsibility and opportunity for all people. We foster a diverse and inclusive community of learners — where people from different backgrounds come together, listen, discuss, and learn from each other. 

Learn how we’re working to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community: 


The BBA DEI Committee champions DEI initiatives, supports Ross minority groups, and works to improve the overall student DEI experience from recruitment to graduation. The committee advocated for the Identity and Diversity in Organizations degree requirement and cultural intelligence assessments, both of which prepare students to interact with people from different backgrounds in the classroom and in the workplace.

BBA Student Diversity

Full-Time MBA

 The FTMBA DEI Committee shares feedback on their classroom experiences with Ross faculty to identify areas of improvement and thoughts on how to better incorporate DEI issues into coursework, and helps improve faculty engagement in inclusive teaching workshops.. Their annual Diversity Week features more than 15 events celebrating diversity and spreading awareness on inclusion, equity, and empowerment.

Full-Time MBA Student Diversity

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA Women’s Initiative partners with student leaders to offer student-run Equity Chats, which provide EMBA students with a space to discuss the ways gender and other identities shape their experience in the workplace. 

Executive MBA Student Experience

Part-Time MBA

Part-Time MBA students launched the 2020 DEI Case Competition in partnership with Google, EY, McKinsey, and Campbell's. This action-based experience gives students the chance to explore the important role a successful DEI strategy plays in meeting a company's overall business goals.

Weekend MBA Student Diversity

Online MBA Student Diversity

One-Year Master's

The One-Year Master's Council represents the collective one-year master's student population. A cross-program chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is elected annually to represent the interests of students, champion DEI initiatives, and improve the overall student DEI experience.


Michigan Ross launched its Bridges to Doctoral Fellows program in 2018 to support students with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and goals who desire predoctoral preparation. The program aids students with a sustained commitment to diversity in the United States, students from underrepresented backgrounds, and first-generation U.S. citizens or college students.

PhD Bridges to Doctoral Fellows Program

Faculty and Staff

Michigan Ross is committed to increasing DEI awareness and involvement among its faculty and staff. Faculty attend inclusive teaching workshops, and faculty performance in DEI is assessed. Hiring managers at both the faculty and staff levels participate in DEI training. Faculty and staff also participate in DEI committees that work across departments.  


Our alumni are at the forefront of the changing face of global business. Google, Uber, Gilead, and others have selected Michigan Ross alumni to lead efforts in promoting and supporting DEI in the workplace. Tamika Curry-Smith and Robin Washington will also serve on the new Michigan Ross Dean’s Council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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