The world needs leaders who can take a big picture view to create solutions and inspire innovation to solve the most complex challenges. 

To be the best leader, you must not only sharpen your analytical skills, but also adopt a more agile mindset, develop a global perspective, and have a broad set of experiences.

At Ross, we believe that the best path to learning is the one you carve out yourself, not confined to the pages of a book, the walls of a classroom, or the tenets of a philosophy.

Forge that path by choosing from 20 dual degrees we offer, from entrepreneurship to sustainability to law. Take advantage of

top-ranked graduate and undergraduate programs across the University of Michigan campus as electives or specializations. Improve your cultural awareness through study abroad programs in some of the most exciting places throughout the world. There are many ways for you to think differently, embrace other perspectives, and challenge the status quo.

This boundaryless approach to education means that when you graduate, you’ll be an adaptable and versatile leader. It means that you’ll develop ideas and solutions that drive innovation. It means that you’ll have limitless opportunities to make a positive difference in any field and on any continent.

Boundaryless in Practice


Global Initiatives

Make the world your classroom and study abroad in some of the most exciting places in the world.


Inclusive Community

At Ross, you become part of an inclusive, empowered community that actively promotes collaboration and diversity of thought and backgrounds. See what our students love about Ross.

Supply Chain Savvy

Every year, Ross MSCM students work on team projects to solve operations and manufacturing challenges at some of the world’s biggest firms.

Dual Degrees

Combine your passion and your purpose with one of more than 20 MBA dual-degree programs.

Global MBA

Through a rigorous curriculum, explore topics that will challenge you to think critically about business problems in new ways, and spend time learning abroad.

Strong Ties in India

The India Business Conference is a resource for students and leaders to learn about business challenges in India and a forum for meaningful discussion about the strategies to address them.

Global Business – Bigger than Ever at Michigan Ross

The broad set of global experiences available at Ross, from international Multidisciplinary Action Projects to Global Immersion courses, contribute to the development of agile, resilient thinkers and is central to our commitment to provide a boundaryless business education.

Solving the Team Paradox

Solving the Team Paradox

The diversity of expertise that helps teams innovate also can lead to conflict. Michigan Ross Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks shows how to find the balance.

Michigan Ross BBA Students Work to Address UN Global Goals

The inaugural Zell Lurie Institute Entrepreneurship Challenge tasked teams of Ross juniors to develop entrepreneurial solutions to the 17 problems that the UN has identified as Global Goals — things like ending world hunger; reducing large-scale waste; and making cities and settlements more inclusive, safe, and resilient.