If you want to seize opportunities and lead change, then you must have the skills to identify and apply analytic resources and use them to their fullest potential.

To succeed tomorrow, you can’t simply rehash what you did today. The speed of technology and information make the world a smaller place, connecting people and businesses across the globe in unprecedented ways. In the 21st century, if data reigns supreme, then the people who know how to examine and leverage it are royalty.

At Michigan Ross, we believe that scientific, data-driven analysis must be the basis for decision making and leadership. Our world-class programs will challenge you to apply analytical skills to real-life situations and become a more agile thinker who asks the right questions, separates fact from assumption, and not only foresees the future but also shapes a vision to get there.

Ross is the only school to feature three student-managed venture funds within the Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies,

offering you the unique opportunity to experience real investing across a diverse portfolio. You’ll also put your analytical skills to the test with experiences like the annual Ross Investment Competition, and connect theory to practice by engaging with our institutes, centers, and initiatives. Plus, ranked third globally in quantity of research output, Ross is a hub for influential business research and practice-oriented knowledge. Combine that with U-M’s record research expenditures across its 100 top-ranked graduate programs, and you have a massive launching pad for your career.

With a Ross education, you’ll master the latest technology, models, and data, as well as the type of critical thinking essential to make the right decisions. This means that you’ll emerge as a confident leader with the business and technical savvy to inspire innovation and make your organization more prosperous.

Analytic in Practice

Ross Thought In Action

Research to empower your career, authored by Ross’ world-class faculty.

Stock Market Smarts

Each year, MBA teams compete to showcase their ability in picking, analyzing, and pitching stocks. Across two intense rounds, teams present their recommendations to a panel of industry experts from asset management firms and hedge funds.

Our Faculty

Composed of the top thought leaders in business, Ross faculty share not only their deep knowledge, but also their personal attention, amplifying your learning experiences.


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Ross Faculty Members Offer 2016 Business Predictions

Ross Faculty Members Offer 2016 Business Predictions

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Discover Ross Institutes, Centers, and Initiatives

Ross’ institutes, centers, and initiatives play a critical role in bridging academic theory and daily practice.

How to Tell if Your Idea Will Succeed

Michigan Ross Professor Stewart Thornhill shows why being an entrepreneur is more than launching a startup — it's a mindset.

Future of Finance

Mitsui Life Financial Research Center’s annual finance symposium is the destination for thought leaders to present their latest research and collaborate with other experts.