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Research by Professor Stefan Zeume calculates that the Panama Papers data leak destroyed $222 billion to $230 billion in firm value.

New research by Professor S. Sriram shows why newspapers raise subscription prices despite lower demand.

Research by Professor Joe Arvai shows knowledge matters when it comes to climate change concern.

Research by Professor Sarah Miller shows improvements in financial well-being, healthcare utilization, and coverage for low-income people.

Social ventures can make a big difference where markets and governments fall short. But Professor Michael Gordon shows it’s not easy.


The United States and China are the two largest economies in the world. China, until recently, has grown at a blistering pace. New research from Toni Whited, professor of finance and Dale L. Dykema Professor of Business Administration, shows China's growth came despite substantial financial inefficiency. Finding macro effects from company-level financing decisions drives a lot of Whited's research. "If financing doesn't affect the real economy, we all...


India has enjoyed rapid economic growth over the past two decades. But it's lagging behind in one important dimension, and the reason is a bit of a mystery. Achyuta Adhvaryu, professor of business economics and public policy, is looking at ways India can improve on this score, raise firm profits, and better society in general.

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Research by Professor Puneet Manchanda demonstrates how social media can change customer service.