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Professor Cathy Shakespeare shows four basic things anyone in business should know about accounting.

Professors Stefan Nagel and Joel Slemrod examine who’s most likely to dump shares when the market tanks.

New book by Professor Jerry Davis details the decline of the corporation and explores emerging business models.

Two of the remaining candidates, Trump and Sanders, promise significant shifts in those policies (from the Obama years.) Yet both of them have not issued detailed statements on many facets of their economic policies."

-- Paolo Pasquariello,  associate professor of finance, on how Wall Street is looking at the election. U.S. News and World Report, May 2, 2016.

Writing in The Conversation, Professor Joe Arvai says policy makers can learn from behavior science on how to make better decisions.

Professor Ted London shares best practices to give business ventures that serve the world’s poor a greater chance of success.

Lecturer Marcus Collins shows how understanding human networks is key to understanding consumer behavior.

Research by Professor Mohamed Mostagir helps explain a common pattern that can determine success or failure.